Fourth Annual Holiday Receptions

For the fourth consecutive year, December saw Presidential Bank thank its customers with a round of holiday receptions at several of its branch locations. Over 325 guests braved the frigid temperatures and poor weather to attend the receptions, with many customers attending for the first time.

Welcoming customers to the receptions were Bruce Cleveland, President & CEO, Dave Erickson, Executive Vice President & CFO, and other executive officers, managers and staff. Customers expressed compliments and appreciation for personalized service by branch and Customer Service Center staff. One customer expressed his sincerest appreciation for the Bank remaining solid, conservative, and service-oriented, as opposed to other banks that treated him as “a number.” Others raved about individual staff members who helped resolve account issues or guided them to products that better met their needs. It was clear the personal attention so intrinsic to Presidential’s culture made a real difference for many customers.

Hors d’oeuvres, hot and cold savories, wine & cheese, and sumptuous desserts added a tasty punctuation to the evenings. Many “compliments to the chef” were offered. As each reception drew to a close, conversations continued between customers and staff. All in all, this year’s Holiday Receptions were well received and fun for all.