Update: Important Health, Safety and Customer Service Update

As the coronavirus [COVID-19] situation continues to evolve, we are committed to keeping you up to date. Protecting our customers and their finances, as well as our employees, remains a top priority at Presidential Bank. Our branches continue to remain open for business, but our convenient online and digital banking services are available 24/7 for customers who are sheltering in place or prefer to avoid person-to-person contact. Additionally, our Customer Service Center is available from 8 AM – 10 PM Monday thru Friday at 800-383-6266 or 240-333-9059. We encourage digital or telephone banking use at this time.
Here are other ways we can help and some important information:
  1. Use online banking – Login at www.presidential.com to monitor transactions and accounts, check balances, view statements, make transfers, watch for checks to clear and pay bills.  Secure email allows you to send and receive information to and from the Bank securely within our online banking platform.  If you are not already signed up, simply go to www.presidential.com and click on ‘Enroll Now’ in the account login box to establish online access to your accounts.

  2. Use mobile banking – Download our online banking application from the Appstore or Google Play for the convenience of online banking from your phone, tablet or Kindle device.

  3. Use remote deposit – if you need to deposit checks, use the convenient remote capture feature in mobile banking to make your deposits electronically.

  4. Call us, our Customer Service Center is available from 8 AM – 10 PM Monday thru Friday at 800-383-6266 or 240-333-9059.

  5. And, if you wish, you can always still come to one of our branches.  In order to better protect the health and safety of you and our branch personnel, customer contact areas within each of our branch locations and at our ATMs are being disinfected regularly throughout each business day.

  6. If disruptions from the current situation are impacting your financial situation, please feel free to let us know. If you would like us to consider a temporary special accommodation in the services we provide to you, talk with us. We will be glad to consider assisting you during these extraordinary times however we can.

We continue to offer 24-hour online account opening for additional customer convenience.  Go to our website and navigate to the service you are interested in.  New account opening support is also available by phone 8 AM – 10 PM Monday thru Friday at 800-799-1424.  If our business hours need to change we will keep you informed.  Check this website for updated information.
Presidential Bank is sound and secure.  We have contingency plans in place to prevent service disruptions and to ensure the stability of critical business operations when unexpected events occur.  You can be confident that we are diligently focused on business continuity, uninterrupted service availability, and the health of both our staff and all of our customers.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue serving you.