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  • Monthly online historical statements are available from June 1997.
  • With Online Historical Statements, you access each of your accounts independently, by account number.
  • Presidential’s Historical Statements takes full advantage of the security provided by your web browser and our Online Banking service. Statements are encrypted as they travel over the Internet.
  • Effective May, 2014: Due to statement enhancements, all statements will be in PDF format only.  Prior statements will remain viewable as a web page option.

View Your Statements & Check Images Online

Paperless Statements are a great way to make your life easier. No more waiting for your statements to arrive by US Postal carrier. View your bank statements within 3-business days after month end. Reconcile your accounts more quickly. Online access to your check and deposit images within 2-business days of posting to your account. It’s convenient and easy.

Is there a charge for this service?

This is a free service we provided to all customers that have accounts with monthly statements.

Am I notified when my statements are available?

No, statements are generally available online within 3-business days after month end. Once they are available you can view them free of charge. Per the Deposit Account Rules and Regulations:

Accountholder’s obligation to review Statements & Cancelled Check Images:

When the Bank provides a statement for an Account, the Accountholder must exercise reasonable care and promptness to examine the statement, together with any items accompanying it, to discover any posting or other statement errors or unauthorized transactions, or any unauthorized signature or alteration on an item, and must notify the Bank promptly after such discovery. If the Accountholder fails to comply with the duties imposed under this paragraph with respect to an item on which the Bank exercised ordinary care, the Accountholder is precluded from asserting against the Bank (i) the Accountholder’s unauthorized signature or any alteration on the item, if the Bank suffered a loss by reason of such failure; and (ii) an unauthorized signature or alteration by the same wrongdoer on any other item paid in good faith by the Bank after the first item and statement was available to the Accountholder for a reasonable period not exceeding fourteen calendar days and before the Bank received notification from the Accountholder of any such unauthorized signature or alteration.

Without regard to care or lack of care by either the Accountholder or the Bank, when an Accountholder does not, within 6 months from the time any item and related statement are made available to such Accountholder, discover and report to the Bank any unauthorized signature or any alteration on the face or back of the item, or does not within 6 months from that time discover and report to the Bank any unauthorized endorsement of the item, then all Accountholders of the respective Account will be precluded from asserting against the Bank such unauthorized signature or alteration or endorsement. If the Accountholder fails to discover and report to the Bank a posting or other statement error within a period deemed reasonable by the Bank, but in any event within fourteen calendar days from the time the statement was made available to the Accountholder, then the Bank will not be liable for such error if the Accountholder’s failure to act in a timely manner causes the Bank to be unable to correct the error without cost to the Bank. A statement or item shall be deemed to be made available to the Accountholder on the third business day of the month.

*We recommend selecting a personal password of 8-12 characters including both numeric and alphabetic characters. The more characters, the harder it will be for an intruder to gain access to your account information. Do not use passwords which are easy to guess such as your date of birth, child's name, address, phone number, etc.


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