We are currently experiencing technical issues with our Customer Service Center phone system. Your call may be dropped. If so, please try again or send us an email at email@presidential.com.

Automated Voice Response System Update

February 15, 1996. The Presidential Automated Voice Response System is now operational! Please try it by calling 301-718-3033 or 800-317-6980.

February 14, 1996. We have not made the new automated voice response system available to be public yet, because we're still having some technical problems with it. The system should be fully operational within the next few days. Please bear with us. Thanks.

February 12, 1996. Presidential has announced its new automated voice response system. This system will be reachable by dialing either of the following telephone numbers:

PLEASE NOTE: In a recent "statement stuffer", two digits of the local number were inadvertently transposed. The correct number appears above.

The automated voice response system is expected to be operational sometime today. (Until the system is operational, a recording will answer with the message that the system is not yet operational.)

The new free service enables you to check account balances, plus your last five deposits and last five withdrawals, together with Presidential's current deposit account and CD interest rates. Simply by using a regular Touch-Tone telephone and a PIN, you can receive this information quickly via computer generated voice without the need to talk to a bank employee.

To use this system for the first time, simply call one of the above telephone numbers, and you will be asked to enter the last four digits of the primary accountholder's social security number. You will then be prompted to choose your own confidential personal identification number (PIN) for all future account access. Each account is limited to one PIN, regardless of the number of accountholders.