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The Presidential Home Equity Line of Credit

The Presidential Home Equity Line of Credit offers an interest rate of 3.9% for four months and a variable rate of only 3/4% above prime after that. And to make this rate even better the interest paid may be tax deductible. Plus, Presidential will waive all closing costs.*

At only 3.9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) the minimum monthly payment on a $50,000 balance would be $160.27 for four months. Compared to a credit card with a 17% APR, you'd save over $500 per month-that's over $2,000 in just four months. Even after four months, you continue to save with a rate that is only 3/4% above the prime rate as quoted in The Wall Street Journal. For example, as of August 19, 1997, the variable rate would only be 9 1/4% APR.

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