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Historical Statements Now Available in PDF Format

Effective November 19, 2010, Presidential Bank began offering personal account historical statements in PDF format. Using the PDF format, historical statements can be viewed and printed for personal filing. In addition, PDF versions can be saved electronically for a customer’s personal record keeping. Formatting is the same as mailed paper statements. In essence, the PDF format creates an image of what paper statements look like.

Prior to historical statements being available in PDF format, Tax Statements (1098 & 1099) were transitioned to the PDF format. With historical statements also available in PDF format, Presidential’s Online Banking experience improves a customer’s convenience at every level. As with Tax Statements, PDF versions of historical statements are free within personal Online Banking. Personal checking and savings accounts offer Online Banking free of charge.

PDF historical statements are available from May 2008 through the prior month's end. Once logged into Online Banking, there is an easy click-through path to “Historical Statements” where a customer may select to simply view an account statement or to view an account statement in the PDF format. Once in PDF, the customer may view, print or save the file. A PDF reader is required. For those without a PDF reader, a free version is available at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Selecting a PDF historical statement will NOT discontinue mailed paper statements. However, a customer may chose to “save a tree” by opting to discontinue paper statements. To do so, a customer requests to discontinue paper statements by using Secure Email within Online Banking (link is found in the top right corner). The subject line should read “No Statements Mailed,” and the body of the email should include a customer’s name and last four digits of the primary account.

Adding the convenience of PDF historical statements underscores Presidential’s continued commitment to providing quality service and solid value to its customers.