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Enhanced Fraud Monitoring for ATM and Debit Card Transactions



ATM and Debit Cards are a convenient way to withdraw cash and make your everyday purchases. Similar to how your credit card company monitors transactions for fraud, your ATM/Debit Card transactions will be reviewed by our enhanced fraud monitoring service. Our fraud monitoring company may contact you on behalf of Presidential to verify transaction(s) to minimize potential fraud.


Keep us up to date with your current Mobile and Home telephone numbers. In the event of suspicious activity, you will be contacted by the Fraud Detection Center using the telephone numbers we have on record.

Update your telephone numbers by sending a secure email via the support link in Online Banking at www.presidential.com; mail us at 4520 East-West Hwy, Bethesda, MD 20814; fax request to 301-951-3582 or visit a branch. Please provide your name(s), SSN or account number and telephone numbers associated with all accountholders.

If you are mailing or faxing, an accountholder signature is required.

Review your transactions - you are the best defense against fraud!

Any questions, please call our Customer Service Center at 800-383-6266
Mon-Fri 8am – 10pm ET or your local branch Mon-Fri 9am-4pm ET.

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