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Enhanced Alerts Upgrade

There will be a redesign of the “Mobile Banking and Alerts” page. New alert types will now be available for both email and text messages.  Setting up alerts and ongoing use made easier.

Upgrades to the Online Alert Set Up Experience
  • Tablet-­‐friendly user interface – The user interface has been specifically designed to be  tablet-­‐ friendly with larger form fields and buttons for easier interaction using a finger (Note: 
    functionality only available online and is not related to the separate mobile app, tablet app and mobile web add-on products).
  • Right-for-me guided first use – Simplified set-up of alerts that takes into account the end user objective makes it easier for your end users to get started with alerts immediately.
  • Easy data conversion – All alerts set up by your end users will be brought over to the new experience; users will not need to set up alerts again.
Upgrades to Text Message Banking
  • New SMS alert types – End users can better stay on top of their finances with all the alert  types previously only available to email:
    • High balance
    • Check cleared
    • Maturity date
    • Payment due
    • Payment overdue
    • Personal reminder
  • More timely alerts – No more stale information from the previous day for large withdrawal and large deposit alerts. These alert types are now pulled 3 times a day for more timely information for your users.
  • Get alerts for all of your accounts  – Users are no longer limited to a primary account to receive alerts from.  Any account type eligible for that alert type can now be sent by SMS.
  • Customize your alert frequencies – Users are no longer limited to “weekly on Fridays”.  Just as with the “balance update” alert for email, these balance alerts can be sent on any day of the week and for other frequencies:
    • Every Two Weeks
    • Monthly
    • Twice Monthly
    • Every 3 Months
    • Every 6 Months
    • Every Year
  • Customize who gets which alert – Users who set up multiple text message phone numbers do not need to be tied to the same alert. They can now configure alerts to go to one or the other user according to their preference.
Upgrades to Email Alerts
  • More timely alerts – Receive alerts in a more timely manner with more checks throughout the day (email alerts were only pulled once a day in the legacy platform).
  • New email look and feel – Revamped email templates include more contextual and personalized information enabling more actionable insights.
  • New email alert types – End users can more easily stay on top of their finances with two new alert types previously only available to SMS:
    • large withdrawal alert
    • large deposit alert
  • Send to additional email contact – End users can now further customize alerts by having an additional email contact an alert can be sent to.