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Home Equity Line of Credit Calculator


Line of Credit Amounts:                                          $10,000 to  $500,000


Interest Rate:                                                           Prime Rate + 0.75%

As of today, the Prime Interest Rate is equivalent to a rate of 5.50% APR, and 0.75% over the Prime Interest Rate is equivalent to a rate of 6.25% APR. The Prime Interest Rate use is the prime rate as quoted in the Wall Street Journal. APR is the Annual Percentage Rate, as computed under applicable federal regulations. The interest rate is subject to monthly adjustment, as the Prime rate changes. However, the APR will never exceed 24%.

Enter Total Amount of Line of Credit

Introductory Rate Period Payment (1.99% APR for first 6 months)

First Monthly Interest Payment

Month Principal Payment

Total First Monthly Payment (P + I)



For Home Equity Line inquiries call: (800) 808-1424 extension 3 or Apply Online.

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