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Presidential Bank's PC Banking Account Access Upgrade

Your opinion does matter! PC Banking customers can now have multiple user ID's for each account holder of a joint account.  The need for this change came from those customers that have both joint and individual accounts.  This situation constitutes the need for separate logins per customer to protect the privacy rights of all.

Why would a customer want individual User ID's and Passwords for account holders?
A good example would be if a husband and wife had a joint account and the wife had her own account. The wife might not want her husband to be able to have access to her account but both husband and wife can have access to the joint account with their personal User ID's and Passwords.

How does this work?
It is simple. By notifying Presidential Bank's Customer Service at 800-383-6266, the customer can have different User ID's and Passwords established for the account holders.

Presidential Bank is pleased to offer a higher level of personal security to its customers.