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Identity Theft Protection: Enhanced Login Security

At Presidential Bank, it’s our business to provide you value for the dollar and peace of mind.

We continue to provide innovative solutions for customers with the recently announced requirement of Enhanced Login Security for internet access to accounts. Previously a voluntary service, the requirement for all customers to pass through Enhanced Login Security began January 30, 2007.

Benefits of Enhanced Security Login:
  • Improved protection from identity theft and fraud
  • Reliable security when using trustworthy computers around the world
  • Adaptable to each unique account holder
  • Peace-of-mind to bank anytime, anywhere

It’s simple to use. Account holders who haven’t already activated Enhanced Security Login will be prompted to do so. An account holder selects a total of three questions to answer. Those unique answers, combined with the account holder’s customer ID and Password create a multiple layer of security. When cookies are allowed, the account holder will not need to answer those questions from that particular computer during subsequent visits. But when accessing from other computers, it will be necessary to answer all questions, thus providing an added layer of security to keep your records safe.

By ensuring access to accounts is limited to authorized customers, Presidential is helping provide a level of service at the cutting edge of technological advancements. We continuously work to keep customers’ identity and records safe and secure. It’s our business and your expectation.